About Us

Let's be real, life can throw us some serious curveballs, especially when you're navigating the wild world of “adulting” on your own.


Therapy, that well-meaning word, still had the power to give me the jitters, despite my profound background in psychology. My inner Asian heritage would side-eye me, saying, "Why the vulnerability? What's the fuss?" 


Opening up to a stranger seemed daunting, and hogging resources meant for real emergencies is not really my style. I found myself pondering if there existed a pathway for individuals like me to navigate life's everyday trials. Or, should we just pretend we are superheroes, immune to the everyday rollercoasters? 


Life was cruising along just fine until the pandemic gate-crashed the party, giving my nerves a wild ride. In the quest for tranquility, I embarked on a music composition and home decoration spree, which turned out that release my long-lost inner Picasso.


As I immersed myself in creation and design, I discovered a newfound sense of mindfulness and control. It was my escape from stress, and a channel for unspoken thoughts. 


There, I found the answer I had been seeking for so long.


And so, Random Soirée was born, championing a creative and aesthetic lifestyle that breathes positivity and inspiration into every facet of life. We're on a mission to assist you in riding the waves of life’s unpredictable currents while living to your utmost potential.


Our workshops, meticulously curated by seasoned creative art therapists, serve as vessels for the transformative energy of creativity and art. It transcends into a lifestyle beckoning you to rediscover the carefree spirit of your childhood. A time when confidence and creativity knew no bounds.


As you explore our curated artistry products, designed to infuse your daily life with creativity, remember that self-care is a habit, a seed of innovation that deserves nurturing. At the heart of our ethos lies the aspiration for everyone to unveil their distinctive purpose, unshackled from the constraints of comparison.


Random Soirée isn't just a brand; it's my personal beacon of hope and self-acceptance. It's a journey emboldened by healing, self-discovery, and a steadfast faith in the potency of creativity. 


My hope is simple - that the Random Soirée's ethos will ignite countless souls to embrace their individuality, uncover inner serenity, and tread an authentic life path, guided by the sparks illuminating their way.


- Serena