The Therapeutic Home: Your Secret Weapon for Boosting Mental Well-being

The Therapeutic Home: Your Secret Weapon for Boosting Mental Well-being

Have you ever taken notice of the little things around you that you might take for granted as you go about your busy days? Our everyday surroundings have potent impacts on our mental health, which goes far beyond our immediate reaction, particularly if you’re spending all your time in one place, as many of us have these past few years. 


The founding philosophy of our brand stems from my personal experiences of learning to coexist with my emotions on the journey of "growing up", which is composed of series of random/uncertain events and reactions.


Coming from a psychology background, mental wellness has always been my area of focus and our home plays a significant role as the environmental factor that subconsciously affects mental health. In between flea markets, thrift stores, and art exhibitions across the globe searching for aesthetic homeware, though we are grateful for the experience that every step of the journey has brought us, we found it a true hassle for those who share the same value and lifestyle but lack time, energy, and resources.


Thus, we hope Random Soirée can be your one-stop destination for aesthetic and authentic artistry homeware that manifests positivity and inspiration. Our name, shows our dedication, to inspiring a creative, authentic way of life despite the midst of randomness. We aspire to give voice to niche emerging artists, raise mental health awareness, and inspire a life aesthetic focused on satisfying your true self. 


Wish you to embrace existence as a grand soirée, where each moment is savored with an artful blend of joie de vivre, and the company of others is cherished as the essential ingredient of a life well-lived. 


- Serena    

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